Children Of Light

Children of God

It is truly a wonder that we exist in the here and now. There are times when you wonder what kind of necessity exists for you to be here now. In fact, I myself have had such questions on many occasions.

However, the fact that we are given life in this great Universe is truly precious in itself. No one is created who does not need it, and just by existing, a person is given great and irreplaceable value and a role that only that person can fulfill.

Some people may find it hard to believe, some may feel that they are not worthy at all. However, it is only because they do not realize it yet that there is a piece of light buried deep inside them, like a diamond in the rough, as a child of God.

It is a piece of light that has been shared by the God of the Universe to each of His children. The color of that light varies from person to person.

There is not a single person in the Universe who has the exact same personality as you. God has entrusted us with a piece of light that is original to each person. How can we make it shine brightly?

It is not for anyone else to find it or offer it to you, but God asks us to become aware of the light that is already embedded in us by ourselves.

It does not require any special training to become aware of it, but in the eternal flow of time, we are born again and again in various times and environments, repeating reincarnation from the other world to this world, and deepening the learning of our souls. And we find our true selves. We meet ourselves.

We face the life we are given now with sincerity, and live to the fullest, not only for our own happiness, but also to love more people and live for the happiness of more people. Through the repetition and accumulation of these efforts, you may gradually come to see the light.

The light within us shines brightest when we wish for the happiness of others and live in love. At that time, each one of us shines like a shining star, and the light spreads like wildfire. The light will be transmitted to the people around us.

In this way, everyone, without exception, is a child of light, shining with original light.