No Effort Is Forever Wasted

Eternal Soul

Even if the efforts you have made in this life do not pay off in this life, the results will surely come back to you in the next life or later.

If there are people who think, “I don’t know if I will be rewarded or not, and it will all be over when I die, so there is no point in making efforts,” this is not true. Even if it is not in this life, the result will always come back to you in the law of cause and effect that pervades the Universe.

Just as a flower will not bloom unless a seed is sown, a result will not appear unless a cause is created.

For us, as spiritual beings who have been given eternal life, we have a life that is the accumulation of past lives through the chain of cause and effect. This accumulation shapes our present life and also shapes our future life in the next life and beyond.

There may be times when a person says, “The efforts I made in my past life at that time were useful in the here and now,” or “I had completely forgotten that I had planted the seed, but just when I had forgotten, the flower bloomed.”

When one has such a perspective of “now” in the flow of eternal time, one can face one’s life with a long view and a relaxed mindset, rather than with a hurried mind that one has to make flowers bloom in this life.

As long as we live in this three dimensional world, there are many things that cannot be done, and there may be times when the desired results do not appear due to a variety of intertwined causes.

If you have worked hard, it may be important to have the feeling that you can leave the rest of the results to the Heaven.

Instead of obsessing too much about the result, we should let it flow freely and without hesitation. Just as a river becomes stagnant where the flow is stopped, our souls will become stagnant if we are obsessed.

In order to avoid such stagnation of the soul, once you have made all the effort you can, it is important to live with a carefree mind and not seek results.