Art is the medium of expression of God’s love


Art is the medium of expression of God’s love

This time, I would like to touch on art. For example, have you ever looked at pictures of stars and nebulae in the universe?

When you look at them, they seem so beautiful, as if they were art. They truly seem like works of art from the God of the universe.

Many people may think that art is an expression of the artist’s thoughts or a message of some kind.

However, the original art is to feel the vibrations of God’s love and put them into the work.

God is the greatest artist

It is said that God is the greatest artist.

There are many things that God has created in this universe, including the stars and nebulae of the universe that I mentioned earlier.

And so it is with animals and plants, for example. Even some jellyfish swaying in the sea look really pretty. Whether it’s a flower, a cherry blossom or a rose, a variety of beautiful things have been created.

They are truly works of God’s art. It is the expression of God’s love. The point is that when God’s love is expressed, it becomes something called “beauty”.

God’s love is evident everywhere. How much of God’s love can we sense in relation to what is real?

It is also about how much beauty can be felt there. God’s love is blooming all over the place that we just don’t realize every day.

Art is an expression of God’s love

Art, as such, is an expression of God’s love. Ultimately, it’s a question of how much higher-level love can be brought to the ground. I think that is the enlightenment and the mission of an artist.

For example, there’s a painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, right? Why is that picture of a woman with a smile so highly regarded and so appealing to people?

That’s because that picture is filled with God’s love. It is because God’s love is imbued with it. The love of God is conveyed through the picture.

That’s why when we look at that picture, we feel calm, warmth, and beauty.

When God’s love is expressed, it becomes beauty

Art is all about conveying the love of God, the root of the universe, through sensitivity.

Therefore, art that does not acknowledge God is not universal in nature, nor is it truly appreciated as a work of art.

God’s love becomes beauty as it is expressed. It is going to be the most beautiful and balanced thing.