What Can We Bring Back To The Afterlife?

This World and Spiritual World

We have only a few decades to live in this world in a physical body. Even if we have had a lot going on in our lives, it will all be over in a blink of an eye. When the time comes, we should not be attached to this world, but leave our possessions and status behind, part from our family and friends, and return to our original world without any regrets.

The only thing we can bring back to the afterlife is our memories. What did we think and what did we do while we were alive? These are recorded in the area of your consciousness and remain there. Nothing else can be brought back to the other side.

Compared to this world and the other world, the other world is by far the happiest world. It is full of peace and beauty that is incomparable to this world. Once we have lived this life in this world with sincerity, we should quickly return to our original world.