A Gift Given To The Children Of God

This World and Spiritual World

We may have things go wrong in this life, or we may fail. There may be times when we think that this life is not good enough. However, even if such things happen, we should take them as a lesson, do the best we can in this life, and go back to the next life with a clean mind.

Even if we have various regrets, I think it is important not to be obsessed with them, but to see them as one of the lessons of the soul. This is because if we can see it that way, we will not suffer unnecessarily, and we will not have to create unnecessary attachments.

There are things that can go wrong in this world. There are many things that don’t go our way. Even if that happens, don’t hold on too tight to the fact that things didn’t go well.

There is another next life. There will be another reincarnation. If we have done all we can do in this life, we can return to the other world with a refreshed mind and be born again. Even if there are things left undone in this life, we can do them over and over again in the next life.

It means that we can go beyond this life and redo it again and again. That is the gift that God has given to us, His children.