What Is The Truth About Heaven And Hell?

This World and Spiritual World

Heaven or Hell?

When you hear the words “heaven” and “hell,” you may think of them as worlds that appear in fantasies or stories. However, they are actually the worlds that exist in the other world.

Whether a person will go to heaven or hell is in a sense clear. When you look at your life in total, if you have a “deficit”, you will go to hell to reflect on it.

In other words, if there is more negative (deficit) than positive (surplus) throughout your life, you will go to hell. On the other hand, if you have more positive results, you will go to heaven.

So what is the standard for the positive and negative? The criterion is whether or not you have lived with love in your heart. In fact, that is the only criterion.

Whether you have lived with the thought of love

The thought of love is altruism, living for the happiness of others. Such thoughts and deeds are positive, and they accumulate and become more and more profitable.

And the opposite of love is selfishness, the desire to be good to oneself. The same goes for anger, hatred, and jealousy. These thoughts and actions are recorded as negative and become deficit.

All of your daily thoughts and deeds are recorded in your mind. When you die, if the total is more positive, you will go to heaven, and if it is more negative, you will go to hell.

Originally, human beings are born to evolve their souls and live in harmony with others. If we forget this purpose and live only for the sake of ego and greed, we have deviated from our original purpose, and as a soul, we still have parts that are lacking and immature.

Hell is a place of reflection for the soul, like a hospital

In that sense, hell is like a place for the soul to reflect, like a hospital. Just as people are discharged from the hospital when they are cured of their illnesses, when they have completed their reflections, they go up from hell and return to heaven.

It is not possible to be reborn in this world from hell. Even if one goes to hell, he or she will then return to heaven. And then we are reborn from heaven.

Hell did not originally exist from the beginning, nor was it created by God.

For us children of God, the other world, the spiritual world, is originally our home, and the ground is like away from home.

This world is the training ground for the growth of the soul, but there was a history of people who gradually forgot this and became attached to material things, saying that life on the ground was better.

Then, there were people who could not return to the higher realms of the other world, where their hearts were in harmony. The origin of hell is that these people created a magnetic field in the lower realms of the spiritual world and began to live there.

Therefore, originally, there is no such thing as hell, and it will eventually disappear. It is something that is allowed to exist for a transitional period.

Let us live for the sake of others

We are never perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we fail to live with love in our hearts. However, it is a learning experience, and nothing is ever wasted on the soul. Through this learning, we can become more loving people.

Will we go to heaven or hell? It depends on whether each of us has lived a life filled with loving thoughts.

Let us live for the sake of others with thoughts of love.

This is our original way of life and the path to happiness.