This Life On The Ground Will Eventually Become A Memory Of Your Soul

Eternal Soul

As long as we live in the physical body, we tend to be conscious of what we touch with our hands and what we can see. In a sense, it is inevitable that we tend to be preoccupied with material things, but in reality, we are spiritual beings.

There is something that does not disappear even when the physical body fades away, and that is our true nature. It is not something that does not exist because we cannot see it, but something that becomes visible to our spiritual eyes when we take off our physical bodies.

Normally, it is invisible to the physical eye, but to those who can see with their spiritual eyes, the inhabitants of this world and the inhabitants of the other world both appear to be almost the same.

Some of them say that they used to see things that they could not see when they were children. Such children live in a world where they can hardly distinguish between people in this world and people in the other world. When they say to their parents, “There is a person over there,” their parents don’t see them, so they get angry and say, “Don’t say strange things,” and they don’t believe them at all. Sometimes parents warn them, “Don’t say such things because they will think you are crazy.” But the truth is that the child is not crazy, nor is he or she lying, because they see it as a normal thing.

I myself do not see or hear such things, but one of my friends does, and he says that spirits who do not have a physical body in this world appear to be in a haze.

The other world is also called the “real world.” The other world is our original world, where we live for eternity. Once we die and shed our physical bodies, the spiritual world becomes more natural to us, and our awareness of this world, on the contrary, fades away.

The various experiences we had in our physical bodies for a time on the ground will eventually become a memory in our souls.