What is “Dimension” part 2

This World and Spiritual World

The world after the fifth dimension

I would like to continue to talk about dimensions in this issue.

Last time, I told you that dimensions are the elements that make up each world.

One dimension is a point.

Two dimensions are vertical and horizontal.

Three dimensions are length, width and height.

The four dimensions are length, width, height and time.

So what elements make up the world after the fifth dimension?

The five dimensional world adds spirituality

The fifth dimension is the height, width, height and time of the fourth dimension with the addition of “spirituality”.

It is a world in which spirituality is the one criterion, spiritually awakened or not.

To put it plainly, it is a world inhabited by people who are awake to goodness, not evil, and who realize that man is not just a physical being.

It is a world where humans have what is called spirit or consciousness, which is perceived to be man himself.

What makes the world of the fifth dimension possible is that kind of spirituality.

The world of the sixth dimension is to know what God is

When you get to the sixth dimension, you add “knowing what God is” to the elements up to the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension, we are spiritually awakened as good human beings, but we do not know what God is.
We have heard that there is a God somehow, but we are not aware of what kind of being it is.

But in the six-dimensional world, such is not the case.

In the world of the sixth dimension, one of the criteria for being a good human being and having knowledge of God is in the world. In this world, there is not a single person who says that God does not exist or that he does not believe .

It is a world that recognizes the existence of God as a matter of course.

The world of the seventh dimension is altruistic

When you get to the seventh dimension, altruism comes in, in addition to height, width, height, time, spirituality, and the knowledge of existence of God up to the sixth dimension.

The sixth dimension is also, in a sense, a world of self-making, where the standard is to try to know God through our own efforts and to gain that knowledge, but the seventh dimension is based on living for the benefit of others, not ourselves.

It’s a world of love and service, if you will. It’s about giving up yourself and living for the sake of others. It’s a state where the vector of your thoughts is not your own happiness, but the happiness of others.

The world of the eighth dimension is a mercy

In the eighth dimension, in addition to the elements up to the seventh dimension, something called “mercy” comes in.

Mercy is the removal of suffering and the giving of happiness. It is the mind that does not look at itself but wishes for the happiness of others, and that is mercy.

The objects of altruism in the world of the seventh dimension are often your family members, people close to you, and people who are related to you in some way.
As that altruism progresses further, the object of altruism expands and becomes a figure that continues to give love to people without dividing them, no matter who they are.

That love will never cease, and it will supply love endlessly. There will be no more thoughts of giving to this person and not to that person, and all people, no matter who they are. It is a way of giving love to the world. It is the figure of giving love on a global scale.

That is the element of the world in the eighth dimension.

I would like to continue with the world after the ninth dimension in the next article.