Our souls will live on forever and never die

Eternal Soul

Our souls will live on forever and never die

We often think, “I can’t do it. If I try, I’m bound to fail,” and we often don’t do it.

But is that really what we can’t do? Isn’t it just a matter of restricting yourself to not being able to do it? I think this is often the case.

I think one of the reasons for this is that we don’t fully believe in our own power. Why can’t we believe in it?

What you can’t do in ten years, you can try over a thousand or ten thousand years

For one thing, if you’ve tried and failed in your previous experience, you’re still timidly afraid that you’ll fail again. You can’t step forward because your past failures are in your head. That’s only natural in a way. When you fail, you are likely to be hurt, and it is human nature to not want to suffer the same kind of injury again.

However, failure is not a failure if you learn from it. The original goal may not have been achieved yet, but the fact that you have learned something new means that you have taken a step or two towards it, that you are improving and evolving.

If you can see it that way, you will find that it has definitely been a positive experience for you. If you have that positive experience and the courage to do it, you can try again and again. This repetition will give you strength, and even if you can’t do it now, you will be able to do it sooner or later.

Even if we can’t do it right now, we can certainly do it sooner or later. Even if you can’t do it this time around, there is still a next life. A life is not a one-time thing. Don’t you feel like you can do what you think you can’t do in ten years if you are born again and again, taking a thousand or ten thousand years to do it? The time we have is eternal, and there is no limit to how long we have.

If we think about it, there is nothing that we cannot do. Everything we do that seems like a failure is part of the process of evolution, of improvement, of fertilizer for our souls.

This life experience is not everything, but the experiences in past lives are stored in the wisdom of the soul

And secondly, and this is related to the fact that we live in eternity as I mentioned earlier, I think we don’t know who we are.

Some people may think that human beings happen to be born into this world, live for decades, and then die, and that we are such ephemeral beings. It’s all you’ve learned in your current life, and if you think about it in that context, you’re just a completely worthless person. Some people may think so.

However, our life experiences are not all about this life. Before we were born this time, we lived another life at a different time and under a different environment, and all the experiences we had at that time remain in our souls.

Even if you can’t remember those experiences now, your soul’s experiences, your memories, are buried in your heart, and after going through hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of different experiences, you have this life now. What we think we can’t do, we have already done thousands or tens of thousands of years ago in our past lives.

We have learned a lot of things from our past life experiences, and the wisdom of our souls is buried in our hearts.In the Buddhist sense, this is called “Prajna-paramita”, and if we use and apply such soul learning, we should be able to solve what seems to be a new problem that we are facing this time.

The soul is reborn many times in eternal time, evolving and improving

We don’t live a single, limited life.

In eternity, we have experienced many things many times in the past and the wisdom of those experiences is stored in our souls. We can be reborn many times and start over again. In this way, our souls are on the path of evolution and improvement.