The Mind-Body Connection


The Mind-Body Connection

Lately, my work has been teleworking, and I have not been getting enough exercise.

When my body stops moving, my mind starts to freeze up mentally.

I thought this was not good, so I decided to go jogging regularly.

Even just jogging around the house for 30 to 40 minutes can help clear my mind.

As I move my body, my mind seems to loosen up, and my heart becomes lighter.

I was reminded that when my mind is heavy, it is good to exercise, even though it is a simple thing.

The mind and the body are connected, or as they say in Japanese, “Shikisin-huji”, and both are important in this world.

If the mind is neglected, the body will be affected and vice versa.
Essentially, the physical body is what we wear to practice our soul in this world. When we return to the other world, we will not have a material body.

However, each organ in the body continues to work without a break every day, fulfilling its role to maintain the body.

It is said that each organ has its own consciousness. I realized that I should not forget to be grateful for my body.

“Thank you for always working.”

Today, I sent my gratitude to my body in this way.