The True Cause of COVID-19


What is the cause of COVID-19?

Epidemics of COVID-19 are spreading around the world, and in a sense, these epidemics, like earthquakes, are a type of natural disaster.

Do you know why natural disasters occur? They don’t happen by chance; there is a clear reason and a spiritual mechanism at work.

The planet Earth is more than just a piece of matter

You may not think about it very often, but the planet Earth is not just a mass of matter. Just as our soul dwells in our bodies, a conscious body, which is like our soul, dwells in the Earth. We humans are the beings that are kept alive on the body of the Earth consciousness.

We have been given free will, and we are free to think whatever we want. We are allowed to think whatever we want, but if we have many negative thoughts, for example, hatred, resentment, envy, jealousy, etc., those negative thoughts will become like a disease, and they will darkly cover a part of the Earth consciousness. Thoughts are energy and are powerful in their own right.

When people’s negative thoughts become like a disease and shake off their negative thoughts, a natural disaster occurs

As those negative thoughts grow, they cause the Earth consciousness to suffer. When the Earth Consciousness shakes the body to shake off those diseased negative thoughts, they will come down on human beings as a natural disaster.

It is not the Earth Consciousness causing people to be punished. No matter how much negative thoughts accumulate on the Earth, it doesn’t shake the body, but is providing the body for the growth of our souls by putting up with that suffering with patience. The Earth Consciousness is desperately enduring that suffering, but it still can’t resist, and sometimes it is forced to shake its body with a buzz.

The root cause is our human egoic thoughts

What is the root cause is still the negative thoughts that we humans are emitting. The ego-mind that “it’s all right as long as it’s good for us” is hurting and afflicting the Earth Consciousness. There is the law of cause and effect, which states that what we do will come back to us, and we humans may be learning this law through natural disasters.

And we can say that COVID-19 is a natural disaster because it is caused by people’s negative thoughts. The virus itself does not have much power. Some people can be infected with a virus and not get it. We have to figure out why.

If you emit positive thoughts about sharing, helping each other, and gratitude, you’ll be less likely to get infected and less likely to develop the disease

In other words, if a person has positive thoughts of sharing, helping, and gratitude on a regular basis, and has a strong immune system, he or she will not develop the disease. As the saying goes, “Illness starts with the mind,” and it is true. However, it is not right to discriminate against a person who has the disease by saying that he or she is at fault if he or she develops the disease.

However, it is a fact that the more negative thoughts people have, the greater the impact of COVID-19. As the egoistic belief that “it’s all right for us” is increasingly promoted, people are buying up things out of fear and anxiety. Watching this, human beings may be forced to ask themselves, “Is this really the way we want to live?”
If people’s positive thoughts are strengthened so as to counteract such negative thoughts, the number of infections will decrease. That’s how strong the power of thoughts is.

This is a touchstone for us to learn that such a situation is actually caused by our own thoughts, and if our thoughts are changed, we can be freed from such suffering.

Natural disasters are one of the cleansing actions to welcome a new era

Natural disasters are something that has been repeated many times in the last days of civilization. Sometimes a continent has sunk and many lives have been lost. But our lives are eternal, and we will not be destroyed by a natural disaster. In a sense, it is one of the cleansing actions that will welcome a new era.

It is as if we are now being sifted through a natural disaster. Can we outgrow our ego and welcome the new era with altruism? I think that is the question we are being asked.