Let Go Of Your Attachment

Life's Troubles

Let Go Of Your Attachment

Human suffering is the result of attachment.

Attachment means to be obsessed with something.

As the Buddha said, if we throw away our attachments, we will not suffer. However, it may be difficult for human beings to let go of their attachments.

Do you have any attachments?

Attachment is another way of saying that it is something that you think about all day long in your mind.

People think about many things during the course of a day. Among them, there are some things that we frequently think or ponder over and over again.

For example, money.

“How can I make a lot of money?”

“How can I make more money than others?”

If you are always thinking about money, it will become an obsession and cause you to suffer.

If you work hard and live a life that is useful to others, money will always be given to you when you need it and in the amount you need.

“Well, it will come around when I need it.”

People who think that way are not attached to money.

And they don’t worry about not having money right now.

Their mind is flowing like a stream.

There is no suffering there.

Suffering is like a stagnant stream.

To let it flow is to let go of attachment.