What Is The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon?


Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon

Have you ever heard of the ” Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”?
It is a story like this.
One monkey living on an island learned to wash and eat potatoes. Then, other monkeys started to do the same, and when the number of monkeys exceeded one hundred, it spread to the whole group. The story goes that not only that, but monkeys living far away from each other started to do the same thing.
In other words, when a certain thought or behavior exceeds a certain number of monkeys, it spreads to other monkeys who have no contact with it at all.

They Seem Disparate, But They Are Connected At A Deep Level Of Consciousness

Some people may think this story is a lie or a misunderstanding, but it is neither a lie nor a misunderstanding. It is the truth itself, and it is not just for monkeys, but for humans as well.

It means that our consciousnesses are all connected.
Each of us may seem to exist separately, but in reality we are all subconsciously connected as one. That is sometimes referred to as “Oneness”, isn’t it?

If one person’s consciousness and behavior changes, it will spread and affect many other people.

Each Person’s Consciousness Is Part Of The God Consciousness Of The Universe

And, moreover, when we connect all of our consciousnesses together, we become the very consciousness of the God of the Universe. It is also called “Collective Consciousness”, which means that each individual consciousness is a part of the Consciousness of God.

It is said that the number of human cells is about 60 trillion, and just as a human being is made up of all of these cells, each of us exists as a cell of God in the Universe, as a component of God.

The God Of The Universe And Each Of Us Do Not Exist Separately

For example, if the mucous membrane of your stomach is damaged by too much stomach acid due to stress, your stomach will hurt. Then, the pain would be felt as if it were echoing throughout the body, wouldn’t it?

From the perspective of the God of the Universe, it is the same with what each of us feels in our consciousness. If someone is overwhelmed with sorrow, that sorrow is transmitted to the God of the Universe.

Some people may think that this is too grandiose and exaggerated. But that is what it means to be connected as one. God and each one of us do not exist separately, but each one of us is a manifestation of God and a part of God’s consciousness.

Conversely, I think we can say that God senses everything in the Universe through the consciousness of each of us.

There Is Nobody In The Universe Who Has Nothing To Do With You

No matter how irrelevant a person may seem to you, there is no one in this Universe who is truly irrelevant.

We are all connected in the deepest part of our consciousness, and we all exist as part of the same God, influencing each other.