Good And Evil In Our Hearts


Good And Evil In Our Hearts

The truth is that we don’t need to be told what is good and evil. We can know it by asking our own heart as children of God. When we ask our own conscience, we can always tell whether it is good or evil.

For example, when we do something evil, there is always a sense of shame or guilt in our hearts. Some people may even feel a twinge of pain in their hearts when they do so.

Evil, simply put, is going against the will of God. It means that you are going in a different direction from God’s will.

In a sense, it is natural for us to feel pain in our hearts when this happens. This is because each of us is a manifestation of God, a tiny alter ego of God. Each one of us is a part of God Himself, a small energy of love itself. Therefore, if we have thoughts or do things that are contrary to love, our mind will subconsciously say, “This is not right. This is wrong.”

On the contrary, when we do good deeds, we feel warmth, joy and contentment in our hearts.

It is not something that anyone has taught us, but it is something that we can originally feel in our hearts.

In other words, being able to feel such things is the proof that we are children of God and part of God.