Graduation from Religion – Towards the Aquarian Age


It’s time to graduate from judging others with right and wrong

It seems that the world today is constantly judging each other on who is right or wrong in a dualistic conflict.

We can’t accept a worldview and values that are incompatible with our own, and for that reason we judge the other as wrong.

However, it is time to stop judging people with such a mind.

The immaturity of thinking only our values are absolute

It is the same in religion.
They think, “We are right. Their own savior is right and absolute,” and they think that only what they have learned is absolute. They cannot accept the values of others.

And they decide that what they don’t accept is wrong and evil.

They attack each other with right and wrong in such a way that the same children of God are trying to hurt each other and self-destruct.

Isn’t it time for us to graduate from such an immature stage? As the children of God living on the same Earth, we need to join hands with each other by recognizing our differences and learning from each other.

It’s not all about what you’ve learned; there is no end to your learning as a child of God.

All the children of the God of the universe are one

We are all children of the God of the universe, not just the Earth, but also the people of the other stars in the universe, and we are all one.

There is no more religion there; we live as beings who love one another under one God. Whether we are earthlings or aliens, we are still God’s children.

It is true that we have learned to live within the framework of religion, but it is time for that framework to be removed.

Flying off the simple path into the great universe

It’s heading down a very simple path. Each of us will regain our true identity as children of God. We become aware of that.

We will never be children of sin, but we will express our love as children of God, full of light.

Religious and national differences will no longer matter, and we will be united as one children of God living on Earth. We will be unified.

We will break away from the values and historical conventions of the past and take off into the sky. We are flying into the great universe.

With the arrival of that stage, we will be the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the Space Age.