From Hatred And Resentment To Forgiveness And Gratitude

Life's Troubles

The hatred and resentment that remains deep in your heart will eventually turn into forgiveness and gratitude, even if it takes a lot of time.

Usually, you cannot easily forgive someone at that time. And there is no way you can feel gratitude toward the person who did something terrible to you. We hold a strong grudge for a long time, saying, “I will never forgive no matter what.”

However, our hearts are not originally created to hate or hold a grudge. On the contrary, our hearts are created to love and forgive one another.

Therefore, hatred and resentment are incompatible with the love of the heart, and suffering is created.

For example, just remembering what happened back then can bring up great suffering and make it difficult to maintain a normal mind.

That is a sign that the hatred and resentment are still stuck in your heart like a pin and have not been released.

We are not God. No one is perfect, and we often make mistakes.

Considering that everyone is immature and learning from each other, we cannot blame only the other person. It is possible that you may have done the same thing to someone else.

No matter how unforgivable they may be, they may have been there to help you learn. And if we consider that neither of us is perfect, our hatred and resentment will surely melt away in the great love we have for each other.

Even if we hurt each other for a time, there will always come a time when we can learn from each other’s souls and be grateful for the experience.

This is because our hearts are a mass of love.

Even if one or two points of deep hatred or resentment are engraved in our hearts, over time they will be swept away in the flow of love and sublimated into a greater fertilizer of love.

It is okay if you cannot forgive right now.

It is okay if you cannot be grateful right now.

But there will come a time when you will be able to get out of that pain and become the person who can forgive and appreciate others.

Because that is the nature of our heart.