The Divine Truth Will Change Your Life

Divine Truth

The Divine Truth Will Change Your Life

When various doubts and worries arise in our lives, we may be in a panic.

And we may be stuck in unhappiness and continue to suffer.

In order to break free of this unhappiness and become happy, we need to know the Divine Truth.

The Divine Truth is the law of the Universe, the providence, and the will of God itself.

All of God’s children in the Universe are beings that are alive and nurtured within that law of love.

Fundamentally, we are beings who are love itself, created by the energy of God’s love.

As beings of love, it is only natural for us to suffer if we utter thoughts and do deeds that are contrary to love.

In a sense, that is the only cause of our worries, hesitations, and suffering.

How does the God of the Universe feel about us and how should we live as His children?

If we realize this and live with a shining heart, we can all break the cycle of unhappiness and become happy.