Let’s Give Thanks To The Pink Moon


Let’s Give Thanks To The Pink Moon

Native Americans have a name for the full Moon, and they call the April full Moon the “Pink Moon.” Although the Moon does not actually look pink, the full Moon looks very beautiful when pink flowers such as cherry blossoms are in bloom.

The Moon, as beautiful as it is, actually has its own consciousness. It is called the “Moon Consciousness.”

Just as our bodies contain the consciousness of the soul, so does the moon contain the consciousness of the Moon. In other words, the Moon is alive. It is not just a lump of stone, but a living satellite with a life of its own.

There are many theories about the birth of the moon, but the truth is that it was created when a comet grazed the Earth and was ejected from the Earth by the impact of the comet. Since then, the Moon has warmly watched over us, the people of the Earth.

Whenever I see a beautiful Moon, I say, “It’s always so beautiful. Thank you for everything.” When you look up at the Moon, why don’t you say “Thank you” to the Moon?
I’m sure it will reach the Moon as well.