How to Get Your Child to Have Faith


How to get your child to have faith

Question:How can I get my children to have faith from an early age?

Answer:Children listen carefully to what their parents say, so if we talk about faith on a daily basis, it will naturally enter into their minds.

I think it is not good to try to force children to believe in something, because if you do that, they may not like it and leave the faith.

It is not good to impose. If you talk about it in your home as a matter of course, I believe that faith will take root in your child’s heart in a way that is not unreasonable.

For example, you can tell them that God is the energy of love, or that we are all God’s children, and that each one of us is irreplaceable.

When children see their mothers and fathers believing in such things, they will start to think that maybe that is the way it is.

In addition, it may be helpful to focus on the importance of “gratitude” when telling them such things. You can tell them to be grateful to their teachers, to the people in their community, and to God.

Gratitude is something that, surprisingly, people don’t realize until they are told. When we live a normal life, we tend to take it for granted and forget to be grateful. Therefore, you should tell them to be grateful.

And when that gratitude starts to come out, the next step is to teach them how to give back in the form of concrete actions. We should practice this around us.

For example, it is important to express gratitude by smiling and greeting others, or by actively saying “Thank you” to others.

I believe that by talking to your children in this way, you can help them develop their faith. It means talking about faith on a daily basis as a matter of course, and making gratitude and giving back a matter of course in our daily lives.