Life Can Be Redone Forever

Eternal Soul

Life Can Be Redone Forever

Do you have any regrets in your life, such as “If I had made a different choice then, my life might have been different now.”

I’m sure everyone has one or two such regrets.

Life is a series of choices.
The choices we make at any given time shape the life we lead today and the life we will lead in the future.

However, even if we have regrets, we can always start over again.

Of course, we can start over in this life of seventy or eighty years, but we can also start over after our lifetime is over.

Even after this life is over, there is another life.

We can come back to this world and try again to do what we could not do and tackle those challenges.

Knowing this truth means that we don’t need to hold on to our regrets too tightly, even if we have them.

We can do it all over again in the next life.

We have been given everlasting time by God.

In the flow of eternal time, we are given the chance to start over again and again.