Passage Of Love

Practice of Love

We usually ask for something in return from others, and we tend to think, “I’ve done this much for you, so you should do this for me.” The same goes for the so-called “give-and-take. We try to get compensation from the other person for what we have done. In this way, we seek something in return, don’t we?

However, there is a saying, “Love dies when you ask for something in return.” Love is a selfless act, and the moment you ask for something in return, it ceases to be love.

Love circulates throughout the Universe, just as water circulates within the planet Earth, becoming vapor, clouds, and rain, pouring down on the ground. In this way, all life is kept alive and nurtured by the God of the Universe.

It circulates through our existence, and love flows through our concrete thoughts and deeds of love. To ask for something in return is not to give love, but to try to get love from others. Instead, become a channel of love, and let it flow selflessly. Let love flow through you as the wind blows through the passage. If you live your life in this way, love will flow back to you again and again, many times over.

The more love you give, the more it will return to you many times over. That is the law of the Universe.