Why did God create the various stages of consciousness bodies and souls?

Eternal Soul

Why does the soul need to evolve?

Each of us is not perfect. And the degree of our evolution is different.

But what is common to all souls is that we are evolving and growing.

Why is evolution required of the soul?

God is a perfect being.
If it is created by that God, then everything could be already evolved to the highest degree.

In reality, however, this is not the case; God has created various stages of consciousness bodies and souls.

Each consciousness body or soul has, in a sense, a different stage at the time it was created.

Why does God do it that way?

The evolution of the children of God has been God’s pleasure

This is because the evolution of each child of God is something that brings joy to God as well.

If you are a parent with children, your children’s growth is a joy to you as you raise them.

It is the same for God, and as His children grow up, happiness is felt for Him as well.

God, like a parent, desires the evolution of all God’s children. He is pleased to see them evolve and improve more and more towards himself. And He is gently watching over His children.

It can be the joy of the children of God themselves

And it’s not just God who feels joy. As we grow, the child of God himself feels great joy and happiness.

To be able to do what you couldn’t do before. To be able to understand what you did not understand before. It is truly a joy.

That’s how the evolution of the soul comes with the happiness of God and the children of God themselves, and I think that’s what God is willing to do.

And we can learn to help each other

They can also help each other because they are at different levels of evolution.

For example, if you’re in elementary school, the older children will take care of the younger children and teach them what they don’t understand.

In that way, those who are moving ahead have the opportunity to help those who are behind them grow.
Then there will be joy again.

Helping each other is love itself.

There are children of God who are in different stages of progress, and when they help each other, love circulates there.