The heart of great harmony


The Principle of Great Harmony in the Will of God

Have you ever imagined the will of the God of the great universe?

In the heart of each of us there is a path that leads to the God of the great universe, and we are always connected to Him.

There is a principle of great harmony in that God’s will.
All the children of God embrace their individuality and play in great harmony.

It is that kind of grand harmony that God desires.

Harmony is about making the best of oneself and others

What is harmony?

It is a picture of us children of God, living as part of the God of the universe, living with one another.

To accept and live all things in love. It is never about killing one’s own personality.

Valuing our own potential and power, but also valuing the spark, preciousness and value of life that others have. Respect each other and make the most of each other’s lives. That’s what harmony is all about.

Harmony is not about suppressing other people’s ideas and personalities to get ahead of ourselves.

Acknowledging and recognizing the differences in each of us as God’s children, we live hand in hand. Embrace everything, the good and the bad.

Such a thing is harmony.

Mother Nature is a manifestation of God

Also, harmony is balance.

For example, take a look at something called Mother Nature. The great nature is very much in balance.

Trees, flowers, and animals live together in balance, without disturbing each other and with their own lives shining through. It is those who are filled with ego and selfishness that break that balance.

The Great Nature and the appearance of the natural world is a manifestation of God. In such a nature, the love of God flows as a law. The Great Nature is an expression of God.

The green ray’s mission is to be in charge of harmony

In God’s seven colored rays, what color do you think is the one that presides over harmony?

It is still a green color that is reminiscent of nature.

The children of God who belong to the green ray are on a mission to manifest harmony.

Mainly, the role of the green light is to show harmony through art, thought and culture. Artists and philosophers, for example, draw on the personality of the green lineage.

Through their works and ideas, they are bringing people’s minds and society into harmony.

Happiness is living with the will of God and living as a child of God as it is

In the path of harmony lies the happiness of being a child of God.

Happiness is living with the will of God and living as a child of God as it is.

When we live like that, we can taste the happiness in our own souls.