Shift Up


Earth accepting the many and varied souls of the Universe

We live on a planet that is host to many different kinds of souls from all over the Universe.

Originally, it is said that the physical ancestors of humanity were 60 million people who came from the planet Be-Elda 365 million years ago.

Since then, the Earth has welcomed many people from various planets. In other words, this planet Earth is like a museum of the Universe. This is because the planet Earth has the mission and purpose of sending out great love to the Universe, not through conflicts, but through great harmony, while accepting different people.

Such a planet is this Earth. Of course, there are many other planets in the Universe besides the Earth, and each planet has its own mission and role.

It’s time for the Earth to step up now

Earth today is a planet that offers learning to those who are at the elementary stage of their soul training. In other words, Earth is an elementary level planet in the Universe.

If you look around the Universe, there are many high school and college level planets, and it is said that the planet Be-Elda, where 60 million people came from as physical ancestors, is at the graduate school level.

The planet Earth is now in the process of graduating from elementary school and moving up to junior high school, the next step up. The change from an elementary school level to a junior high school level planet is called “Shift Up”.

The Earth is one body

Just as we humans have a soul within our physical body, the Earth is also a physical body. And within it dwells a being called the Earth Consciousness.

The male part of the consciousness is called Terra, and the female part is called Gaia. The male and female consciousnesses enter the Earth as one and live and nurture all of God’s children living on this Earth.

Just as we grow from kindergarten to elementary school, middle school, high school, and university, the Earth Spirit has its own stage of training. The time has come for the Earth to move from being a place of learning for elementary school students to being a place of training for middle school students.

Awareness and love of God’s children

We need to realize that each one of us is a child of God who was created by sharing the energy of God’s love, and that as eternal souls we have been reincarnated many times, and we need to know if we can live in love with each other all over the world. It is as if each one of us is taking that test.

In our past reincarnations, we have been reborn in various regions and times and have learned what love is. In other words, we are now undergoing a total test of our soul. Will we pass this test or will we fail?

If they fail, some of them will move to other planets at the elementary level to do their own training again. And there will be those who will graduate from Earth and move to another planet.

The difference between success and failure is not a matter of difficulty. The question is simply, “Have you realized that you are a child of God and have you been able to live a life of love?”

To move up to the next level

It’s not that you need to know something difficult. Do you show love to people? Do you forgive people? Are you being kind? Do you open your heart and share with others instead of staying in your own shell?

In other words, how can you live your life for the happiness of others?

In a sense, that’s all.However, it is difficult to do so, which is why so much suffering is caused. And that is why it is called the elementary school level.

If more and more people have the right spiritual values and awaken to the truth about themselves, the planet Earth will be able to move up to the next level.