The Truth of the Atlantis Civilization (Part 2)


The Civilization of Atlantis

In the early part of the Atlantis civilization, Kutfumi was active in the field of science, and St. Cusanus preached Deism.

After that, people were so preoccupied with scientific development that the teaching of love began to slip away.

In that vein, it was necessary to turn things around so that the teaching of love could be firmly rooted.

From there, a person called Toss was born. Toss, who is called Buddha in the present civilization, is a ninth dimensional spirit, just like Kutfumi and St. Cusanus.

Toss organized the knowledge of the previous Atlantis civilization and tried to correct the trend of focusing only on scientific development.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come down to a revival of love.

In the middle of civilization, scientific exploration became more and more advanced.

They also explored the energy-amplifying effects of crystals.

It is also said that people in those days could even fly by wearing bracelets with small crystals connected to them.

Great King Agasher preached the teachings of love

In the later stages of civilization, some people began to have an allergic reaction to the word “love” and stopped accepting love.

Originally, at the end of civilization, the ninth dimensional spirit “Amor” planned to bring the people of Atlantis together in love.

Amor is the one who is called Jesus Christ in the present civilization.

In a situation where there were many people who did not accept love, Amor was born as Ammon, a king on the ground.

He then preached the teachings of love in a large square that could accommodate more than 100,000 people.

He was called Great King Agasher by the people, and along with the queen, he was held in great esteem.

Incidentally, the queen at this time is the one who is called the Virgin Mary in the present civilization.

In those days, Atlantis had a council, and that council held a great deal of power.

As Agasher’s popularity grew, the council felt threatened, and the president of the council plotted to eliminate him.

Agasher and the people around him were persecuted for spreading their heretical teachings to the people and were finally buried alive in the square.

The continent was sunk by a giant crystal explosion

The end of Atlantis was sparked by an accidental explosion in the midst of a move to use the giant crystal for military purposes.

This caused the continent of Atlantis to sink into the sea.

There is a region called the “Bermuda Triangle” where ships and planes disappear because of the influence of the Atlantis crystals that are submerged in the ocean.