Ascension and Physical Changes


Ascension and Physical Changes

The word “Ascension” is often used in the spiritual world.

In this context, it is said that the Earth will move to the fifth dimension through ascension.

But unfortunately, this is not correct.

The spiritual world of the Earth, the so-called “other world,” is divided into four to nine dimensions depending on the subtlety of the vibrations. On the other hand, the material world of this world in which we are now living is in the third dimension.

The Earth’s ascension to the fifth dimension means that the three-dimensional world of this world will be transformed into the five-dimensional world of the other world. However, this is not what will happen.

Ascension, simply put, is the transformation of the physical body into something lighter than it is now.

This will only happen in the material world, and it means that our physical bodies will be changed into something with more subtle vibrations than now.

Even in the third dimension of the material world, there is a multiple structure, and the world we live in is divided according to the subtlety of the vibrations, so people who have gone through ascension will move to a different world.

However, the physical body is just that, a physical body. The most important thing is the heart, the spiritual one.

As children of God, we must not forget that as our hearts change, our bodies will also change.