The Real Cause of Earthquakes


Earthquakes caused by human evil thoughts

Everything has a cause. It is a law that pervades the universe that there is a cause and a effect.

Earthquakes are no exception to this rule. What is the cause of earthquakes? It is the evil thoughts of human beings.

The Earth is not just a lump of rock, but it has consciousness inside it. The Earth is a living organism in itself, and it provides a place for the children of God to live.

However, when the evil thoughts of people on the ground accumulate, they can damage the Earth consciousness.

The Earth Consciousness is also patient and enduring. However, the consciousness sometimes shakes its body to get rid of bad thoughts and they become earthquakes that hit us on the ground.

What causes earthquakes are our ego thoughts, thoughts that are contrary to love.

Earthquakes are not caused by punishing human beings, but by our own unloving thoughts that come back to us.

Earthquakes would cease to occur if we, as people living on the ground, were not driven by our egos, but if we took it for granted to care for each other, accept each other’s differences, and help each other.