Why are natural disasters on the rise?


The cause of the natural disaster is our human thoughts

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and abnormal weather are on the rise, but why do such catastrophic events occur?

In fact, the cause is our human thoughts.

In other words, a natural disaster is like a great cleanup of the “bad thoughts” that have accumulated on the Earth. The ego’s unloving thought that we are good as long as we are good, is an evil thought.

A cataclysmic event occurs when the bad thoughts are shaken off

As civilization draws to a close, the evil thoughts of humans living on Earth can pile up.

When the Earth Consciousness tries to shake it off, it causes earthquakes and sometimes even continents to sink.

The Earth is not just a bunch of rocks and stones. Just as the soul is in our human bodies, so is consciousness in this Earth.

We live on the body of the Earth Consciousness, but the bad thoughts that humans give off are like a cancerous lesion for the Earth Consciousness, so to speak.

When he tries to shake off that which has become a worm, it will come down as a natural disaster.

After the evil thoughts of the entire planet are washed away, a new civilization begins

We are now in a situation where such a natural disaster is occurring all over the planet. It’s not something localized like it was at the end of each civilization, it’s something that’s happening that’s affecting all parts of the planet.

When many people are born and practice in one place in a civilization, there are many thoughts left behind. In a way, it piles up like garbage and remains dirty.

One big cleanup of it will result in a big reckoning. The same is true of earthquakes and tsunamis.

By washing away and purifying the bad thoughts, a new civilization will start again.

It is, of course, sad that so many people have died because of it. However, the original cause is us humans who created the cause. It is the evil thoughts that we have given rise to that are causing us to tighten our necks.

In this day and age, through the Great Reckoning on the Earth level, we will create the next new cosmic civilization in a cleaned-up state. After all, we can’t move on to the next era if we keep the old things in the past.

Although the COVID-19 is an epidemic, it is also a type of natural disaster.

It is our bad thoughts that cause the natural disaster

We need to seriously consider why such a natural disaster occurs.

This is because, again, it is our own bad thoughts that are causing it. We have to understand that clearly.

As long as we continue to have thoughts that are in the opposite direction of love, bad thoughts will continue to pile up.

Therefore, we should be able to have altruistic thoughts and thoughts of gratitude for the Earth, not thoughts that go against that kind of love.

Humans aren’t the only ones living on Earth. We humans live on this planet with various animals and plants. Humans are never the only ones who live in greatness.

What we really need to do is to change our thoughts and deeds and have a grateful heart for the planet.