God is the Energy of Love That Fills in the Universe

God is the Energy of Love

God is invisible to the human eye

Some people may think that God is not relevant to them because it’s in a religion, but that’s not true.

Some may also think that God does not exist because He is not visible.

It’s not a figment of fantasy or fiction; God actually exists. But it is not shaped like a human being.

God, the energy of love, created the universe

God is the energy of love that fills this great universe.

The so-called messiahs of various religions may have been thought of as gods, but the messiahs are also children of God, not the root God of the universe. It was God, the energy of love, who created this universe, and Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Confucius were all great leaders who preached the teachings of the God of the universe through their own personalities.

Our perception of God may have been global in nature until now. However, in the coming cosmic age, the time has come to change to a cosmic awareness that God is the energy of love, the source of all life in the universe, including us.

We are born from God and we exist to express our love

God’s desire to “create this universe” was the first thing that came to mind. That thought has led to the creation of everything in the universe. Born of God, we too are the very energy of love, and we exist to express love.

Some people may say they don’t know what the meaning of life is, but the meaning of our life is to express love. That’s fine in its own way of expression. There is not something limited or fixed. It might be to share. It might be to nurture. Maybe it’s about supporting each other. It’s a thought of selflessly wishing for the other person’s happiness without asking for anything in return. The deeds that concretely express it are the expressions of love.

That is the meaning of our creation and our existence.