The Secrets of Christianity and Islam


Why Christianity and Islam started in the same Middle East

Christianity and Islam are often compared to something else, as both have their origins in the same Middle East.

Why did these two great religions begin in the same Middle East?

This time, I would like to talk about the reasons for this.

The place where the physical ancestors of mankind on Earth first landed

It is said that one of the most spiritual magnetic fields on earth is in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Once upon a time, 365 million years ago, the people who would become the physical ancestors of humanity on Earth came in spacecraft from other planets. The planet is the star “Be-Elda” in the Large Magellanic Cloud. From there, it is said that sixty million people came in spaceships under a great leader called El-Ranty.

At that time, the places where the spaceships were unloaded were in the region of Egypt and Mesopotamia, where the region called Elden was created. It is the so-called “Garden of Eden” as the Bible calls it.

The human race on Earth didn’t evolve from amoebas, it was populated by people who lived on other planets and became their physical ancestors.

In this way, the place where the people of Beheld, who became the physical ancestors of humanity on the earth, first landed is the Middle East.

The gods of religion have been guiding people as personality gods

Then, as time went on, the leaders in charge of the earth decided to lead us human beings in a step-by-step manner.

Those leaders have been instructed to feel God, the loving providence of the universe, by appearing as a personality god, even though they are not the original root god of the universe.

In the Middle East, Jesus Christ and Muhammad were sent to create Christianity and Islam, respectively.

Allah, Yahweh and Jehovah are one and the same

So, back to the first question, why did they bother to start two big religions in the same Middle East?

It was embedded as a clue to realize that before this planet, Earth, was recognized as a star of love as a member of the network created by the evolved stars called the League of the Universe, the regional religions were united, the humanity of Earth was united, and the guidance of the celestial world was united.

It was actually the same person who instructed Mahomet as “Allah” in Islam and Jesus as “Yahweh” in Christianity, and that is the great guiding spirit called El-Ranty. This is the one who brought sixty million people from Be-Elda, as I mentioned at the beginning.

It is the same with the being called “Jehovah”. Allah or Yahweh or Jehovah is El-Ranty. The fact is that El-Ranty has been instructed that way by the Celestial World.

The guidance of the Celestial World is one, and the gods of religion are all companions

With two large Christian and Muslim embeds in the same area like that, there is certainly a dispute over territory. They may be arguing that only their religion is right.

However, such disputes are the story of a fledgling perception. Both Muhammad and Jesus Christ are really fellow human beings. They are the same heavenly guiding spirits, and so are other people called Moses, Buddha, Confucius, and Zeus.

The gods of each religion are all companions in the celestial world, and they are our leaders to guide us.

These religions have been created so that when the earth moves on to the next step, there will be an awareness of the times, an awareness to overcome religious differences, and an awareness to unite the humanity of the earth.