Faith Means Living With God Of The Universe

God is the Energy of Love

Does God Really Exist?

What is faith? What do we believe in? It is God. Faith is believing in the existence of God. There is a sense of reverence and respect for God as a being greater than ourselves. That is the starting point of faith.

However, since God is invisible to our physical eyes, it is not surprising that some people are unsure if He really exists. Some may say that they have never met God and cannot honor an unknown entity.

But even so, we believe in God’s existence with all our hearts. To believe that there is God. Even though it may seem contradictory, we believe in and respect God beyond reason and experience. I believe this is the basis of faith.

The People Of The Earth Have Been Led By People Close To God

In Japan, we have shrines dedicated to wonderful beings like gods, and we sometimes pray there. However, the beings worshipped there are great people who were actually born and took physical bodies in Japan long ago.

Even if they had physical bodies like us at that time, built the country, and taught and led the people, after 2,000 or 3,000 years, they become like myths, and their existence becomes like the characters in the myths.

People called Amaterasu, Ameno-no-Minakanushi, and Izanagi-no-Mikoto were great, god-like people who actually existed and guided people as leaders with personalities in their human bodies. With such appearances, they are still believed in today as god-like beings.

It is not only in Japanese Shinto, but also in world religions, that many people have been indoctrinated in the same way. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are no exception. A person called “savior” has a physical body and preaches the Law as a god-like being, receiving the respect of the people.

Through this, we earthlings have learned many lessons while growing spiritually as souls. However, these great leaders have also led the Earth in a god-like figure, but they are not gods themselves, but are like our seniors.

God Is The Energy Of Love That Fills The Macrocosm

God is the energy of love and the law of love that created this macrocosm. It is the energy of love that fills the Universe, and it is the providence of love itself that flows through it.

It is the energy of love that creates, utilizes, and nurtures everything that exists in the Universe. This is the being called God, the Creator of the Universe itself.

Everything that exists in the Universe, including us human beings, is given life by the great God. Just as God is the energy of love, the beings that were cut off and divided into parts of it are us, the children of God. We are the small energy of love that exists as a part of God.

When it comes to faith, some may think that God and oneself are two separate entities, but this is not so. A part of God is oneself, and one’s life is a part of God’s personality. In this sense, one’s life is not one’s own. It is a life entrusted to us by God.

Faith Brings Miracles

Faith calls for miracles. Miracles that cannot be performed by human beings may be brought about by faith.

When we think of the enormous scale of God’s love that created the macrocosm, nothing is impossible if we can draw on the energy that leads us to God.

This is shown, for example, in the miracle of Moses’ splitting of the Red Sea, where miraculous things that are inconceivable to human beings occur. I believe that is also power through faith.

Faith Is Living With God Of The Universe

Faith is to live with God. As a child of God, who is love itself, and as a part of God, we feel God’s thoughts and realize God’s wishes in the Universe while making use of our own given individuality. I believe that this is the embodiment of faith and living with God.