Living In Resonance With The Love Of The Macrocosm

God is the Energy of Love

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of glowing stars and wondered, “How far does this Universe extend?”

I feel as if I am here in this Universe that I cannot grasp, and that I am living with my feet on the ground. I myself am really just a tiny little being from the huge Universe.

For some, the Universe may seem like another world in a faraway place. However, we who are certainly living here and now are children of God who exist as part of the Universe. We are by no means separate from the Universe.

Within the heart of each one of us is filled with the same energy of love that fills the macrocosm.

Of course, the energy that fills us may be only a very small part of the cosmos. But that is what makes it more valuable than anything else. It is what is within us, as ourselves, that will not cease to be until the end.

No matter how far away the Universe may seem, regardless of its physical distance, we can live in tune with and in resonance with the love of the macrocosm.

Such a way of life is the true way of human beings. It is the way to feel true heartfelt fulfillment and happiness, which cannot be obtained by merely satisfying material desires.