The Age of Love Revolution

God is the Energy of Love

The Age of Love Revolution

Why are we alive? Why are we living in this time and place?

It’s just one thing to realize. That one thing is that we are the very energy of love. That if we all open the door of our hearts, the only thing that comes out of the child of God is the energy of love.

It does not matter what race, ethnicity, or nation, it is the same for all children of God living on the Earth and is one in the energy of love.

It is also an aspect of love that we help and support each other. But at a fundamentally deeper level, we are in an age where we are coming to the realization that we are brothers and sisters existing as part of the love energy of the God of the universe.

Whether we can accept that we are children of God and part of God. Will we be able to realize that?

Throughout history, the question of what it means to be human has been asked. I think it has been said in various ways in religions and in various ways of thinking.

But now, at this time when the Earth is moving on to the next step, the truth of the universe is revealed and we realize our true nature as human beings, and we return to love, engraving the pain and sorrow we have experienced into our souls. We return to the simple path.

We will be purified by love and healed by love.

We will be reborn as a planet where everyone can live unconditionally with a smile on their face. On that planet, everything will be imbued with the philosophy of love, and the world will be based on love, society will be based on love, and life will be based on love.

Such a revolutionary era of love is unfolding before our eyes.