Earth, Where the Many and Diverse Souls of the Universe Live


The Earth has been created by Terra and Gaia

A planet is not just a lump of rock.

A consciousness dwells there and so does the Earth.

The Earth is inhabited by Terra and Gaia, the Earth God Spirit.

Terra, the male consciousness, and Gaia, the female consciousness, dwells on the Earth as a pair, and this planet has been created as a training ground for life.

Nine dimensional spirits are responsible for humanity’s guidance on that planet

After giving birth to a planet as a place to practice love, a guiding spirit called the ninth dimension is invited to develop that planet.

The ninth-dimensional spirit can be said to be the person in charge of guiding humanity on that planet.

The first nine-dimensional spirit called to Earth is said to be El-Kantale. Then came those who were said to be Amor, Morya and Selabim.

A variety of planetary people are coming together on Earth to explore new possibilities

There are some stars in the universe that are developed by similar people coming together like a single race, but this is not the case with Earth.

Earth is not like that. It is a planet where people from various planets have decided to challenge the unique form of the Earth by joining forces with each other.

Therefore, many of the souls have come in the form of immigrants rather than native Earth souls.

It is the planet Earth that is accepting a wide variety of things from the universe and challenging new possibilities.

Earth as a short-term study abroad destination from space

Earth, in a sense, is a very open planet. It accepts many souls who wish to practice their souls on Earth.

If you want to settle on a planet with only one single race of people, it is difficult to keep up with the evolutionary level of that planet and it is difficult in some ways.

There are not many places to study abroad that you can come to experience in a short span of time, like on Earth.