Love Is Infinitely Spreading Throughout The Universe

Children of God

Even If They Are Not Your Own Family

When we think of love, the people closest to us, such as our own family, lovers, and friends, may come to mind. However, the scope of love can be much larger than we think.

First of all, we wish for the happiness of those around us, such as our family members, and we live together, sharing our joys and sufferings. When this spreads a little, we can then develop a gaze of love for our neighbors and people in the community who are not our own family. Even if they are not part of our own family, we feel as if they are part of our family, and we start to think, “May they be happy.”

Earthlings As One Family

As it grows larger, we want to be happy together within the unit of a country or ethnic group, even for people we have never met or seen before. People who live in the same country or ethnic group will start to feel that they should help and support each other in times of need.

As this feeling of love spreads further, countries and ethnic groups will no longer matter, and we will live hand in hand as people of the same Earth. Even if we sometimes fight with each other due to differences of opinion, we will come to respect each other and feel happy to live as one united people of the Earth.

A feeling of love for all people living on the Earth as a family. No matter what differences we may have, we are all children of the same God, without exception, and the idea of love spreads in this way.

Love Spreading Beyond The Earth

The love spreads from one’s own immediate family to the entire Earth, beyond regions and countries. Even within this planet, our love spreads in such a way, but if we think back to the planet Earth itself, we are surrounded by love for all things on this planet, love that seeks to live and nurture all things. The planet’s immense love is such that the scope of its own love encompasses everything on Earth.

And if you think about the sun, it is the love that sends light to each star in the family called the solar system, holding many such planets. It is a figure of love that nurtures and loves the many lives that live there. This is the will of love to send a truly overwhelming explosion of light energy.

And if we spread out further, there are galaxies that hold countless numbers of such planets and stars like the Sun. There are countless such galaxies in the Universe, and when love spreads everywhere like that, the Universe becomes large and becomes the consciousness of God itself.

God loves all beings in the Universe, making them live as His children, as part of Himself. It is the energy of love itself that flows through the macrocosm as the providence of love, which is so huge that we small humans cannot even imagine it.

In this way, love is infinitely expanding. It is all about love that spreads and fills the entire Universe.