Consciousness Spreading across the Macrocosm

God is the Energy of Love

God is the energy of love itself

When I was flying in an airplane once, I looked out the window and saw the land and seas of the Earth and felt the immensity of the planet Earth. I thought to myself, “The Earth is this big.”

The Earth is so much bigger than humans. And then there is the Sun, which is even bigger than the Earth. The size of the Sun is about 109 times larger than the Earth. And it seems that there are several fixed stars in the universe that are even bigger than that big sun.

It’s not just planets and fixed stars. The Milky Way Galaxy is about 720 billion times larger than the Sun. When it’s that big, it’s hard to realize how big it is. On the contrary, it reminds us of how small humans are.

There must be something in the universe that makes these planets, fixed stars and galaxies so huge that they exist. The being that is far beyond human beings, the being that supports all of this great universe’s existence. It is the being called God.

Even the stars in the universe need a greater being to exist. Just as human beings are able to exist by being kept alive by the Earth and the Sun, both of which are larger than human beings, there must be a greater being that keeps the stars alive.

When you expand your consciousness in this way, what do you come up against? That is called God. God is not something that we little people can prove. The energy of love that creates and nurtures everything that exists in this huge universe and keeps everything alive is the being called God.

We humans may be very small, but we are loved in the bosom of the God of the great universe, and every human being is a part of God and a cell of God. God is not something we can prove, it is just something that each of us can sense and meet in our hearts.