Freeing the Soul

Life's Troubles

A life of stifling and shrinking hearts

Throughout our lives, we have been told that we shouldn’t do this and that we shouldn’t do that. We have been living in a confined space where it is natural to conform ourselves to someone else’s opinion. Perhaps we have suppressed the thoughts that came from within our own hearts.

When did we become like that? Essentially, there is not a single thing in this universe that we are not supposed to do. There is only that we should take responsibility for what we do.

There is not one thing that you can never do, no matter how bad it may seem. What we think and what we do is completely up to the free will of each one of us, and that is a gift given to us by God. How we use it is entirely up to the children of God to decide how to use it. God will never punish His children.

You’re responsible for what you do

It may be that there has been one desirable path or norm that has been set out by leaders to guide, protect, and educate young children.

But that too is really just a matter of telling them one word. “You are responsible for what you do. You can’t run away from it.” If we really understand that, we don’t have to do evil unnecessarily.

When we realize who we are by nature, we can become more free. We exist to express love and there is no other meaning to our existence, because our essence is love. Because our essence is the energy of love itself. When we release that energy of love, we shine and light up the most.

The courage to express yourself honestly

Some people may be afraid to express what they are feeling honestly. I understand that you don’t want to be thought of as a strange person. I also understand that you don’t want to be branded as an idiot for saying crazy things.

But you don’t mind if people think you’re weird or an idiot. When you express yourself honestly, no matter what people think of you, your light will explode, and that light will give you the courage to be yourself again, and others will regain theirs. People will rise up when they see others doing things that they can’t easily do themselves, and they will rise up.

The courage to release your soul.

The courage to take that step.