Birth of Creatures


Birth of Creatures

It is said that the first creatures on Earth were born from the magma inside the Earth when it was blown to the ground.

The creatures multiplied in the ocean, and eventually plants like moss rose from the ocean to the ground.

After a long time, animals were born from plants. Crustaceans, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and so on.

Some of you may be wondering, how do creatures come into existence?

On the Earth, the creators of living things are called the Earth Consciousness.

It begins with the thought, “I want to create this kind of creature.”

First, the soul of the creature is created spiritually, and then the body of the creature is created.

The soul then inhabits the body, and the creature is born on the ground.

The Earth is inhabited by a male consciousness called Terra and a female consciousness called Gaia.

Terra is the one who creates the form of living things, and Gaia breathes life into them and they begin to live as beings.

It is not by chance that living things are born, but through the thoughts of Terra and Gaia, the living things of the Earth are created.