The Soul Originally Was A Unity Of Man And Woman

Man and Woman

The Soul Originally Was A Unity Of Man And Woman

The human soul, when originally created, is a unity of male and female. It is divided into a male soul and a female soul.

Each of these two separate souls grows as it learns more about its own gender. Originally, as souls, they are beings that possess the same energy and complement each other.

One half of that soul is the soul partner. It’s not just anyone, but a partner who is a perfect fundamental match.

For example, when you cut an apple in half with a knife, there is only one apple that matches the cut perfectly. In the same way, there is one half of a man and one half of a woman in the soul, the ultimate partner.

It is said that we cannot know who our soul partner is until we reach a certain level in our soul. While repeating reincarnation many times, we must first deepen our own learning as a soul.

After that, we will meet our soul partner. Once we both know this, we will be attracted to each other as if by a magnet, and the man and woman will live as one.

Finding such a partner is also the path given to us by God.