The Revealed Truth about Judaism, Christianity, And Islam


Three Teachings Brought Down To The Same Middle East Region

There are three teachings that were once brought down to the same place in the Middle East. They are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The founder of each of these religions is Moses for Judaism, Jesus Christ for Christianity, and Mohammad for Islam.

We may be fighting and hurting each other because of the differences in our religions. However, originally, the Divine Principle is one, and everything begins and ends with the teaching of God’s love. The person whom Moses called Yahweh, the person whom Jesus Christ called Heavenly Father, and the person whom Mohammad called Allah, are all really the same person, El-Ranty.

One And The Same Person Has Been Guided By Three Faces

When a person in the role of a savior is born on earth and a great religion takes place, many high spirits in the heavenly world guide the savior born on the ground. At times, they perform miracles, give inspiration, speak words through the mouth of the person, and many other things.

It is El-Ranty, the same person who guided Moses as Yahweh from the celestial world, Christ as the Heavenly Father, and Mohammad as Allah. The truth is that a one person has led each religion with three different faces. Even though they seem to be different religions, they are all worshipping the same being.

One God Of The Universe, One Teaching Of Love

El-Ranty did this in order to make it easier for the children of God with different personalities to learn by arising religions as various variations under one divine principle.

The God of the Universe is one, and His teaching of love is one. The various aspects of that teaching have been given to us as variations of religions to learn from in order to evolve our souls.

Many of us living on Earth are souls who have come from many different planets. For these souls with such diverse personalities, it is easier to learn and to expand their learning if they are provided with learning in many directions rather than learning in only one direction.

However, even if there are various directions of learning, the end result is the same. The soul’s learning is all about how each of us can deepen our love.

No One Has Experienced Only One Religion

There is no such thing as a person who has experienced only one religion, including past lives, in the process of developing his or her soul.

Even if you are born in a Muslim country now, in the history of your soul, you were born under Christianity and Judaism, and also under Buddhism and other religions in the past.

There is no such thing as having learned from only one religion, and even those who believe in Christianity now have continued their soul learning by believing in Islam and Judaism in their past lives as well. We continue to evolve and grow, expanding the vessel of our soul by learning the teachings of each of the religions brought down to the ground by our saviors.

Therefore, there is nothing more meaningless than fighting and hurting each other because of religious differences. All teachings lead to the one God, and are the teachings of the precious God from which they branch out. There is no right or wrong, but rather variations of the teachings of love.

Time For Graduation Test As A Soul

What is the question of the present time through the learning of those past incarnations? It all boils down to one word: How did we learn to love? How do we learn what love is deep in our souls and how do we live it? That is the most important thing for us, the children of God.

For those souls who originally came from various other planets, this is the time of the graduation test. Some move on to the next level through the test, some start reviewing because they haven’t finished learning yet, and some move to another planet to seek new learning possibilities.

Whatever the stage of learning, the learning of the soul is the learning of love. It all starts with the teaching of God’s love, and it all comes back to that.