The Teachings Of Order And Propriety In Japanese Shinto


Teachings Of Japanese Shinto

Japan is guided by the gods of Japanese Shintoism, led by Amaterasu, and its people have been nurtured by its teachings since ancient times. Just as Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism teach “love,” “justice,” and “law,” respectively, the teachings of Japanese Shinto are about “order”.

Order does not refer to a power or organization that controls people. It is not about powerful people, organizations, or countries forcing the weaker ones to do their bidding, but about order in God’s world.

It is not something created by human beings on their own, but the original order that runs through this world, created by God. It is something that is naturally formed in faith in God, in humility, and in the love that seeks to bring people to live.

Original And Precious Value In God’s World

In God’s world, inherent value is not determined by family status, company size, or wealth. It is not determined by how much knowledge you have or how competent you are at your job. Rather, the inherent precious value is to convey God’s mind and God’s thoughts to people and to embody God’s will.

Order in God’s world is a world where people who are close to God lead people as leaders based on such values, and such people are respected as virtuous people. It is not something that is created based on a person’s age or position in a company.

The Role Of The Purple Ray Of God’s Light

The Divine Light is divided into seven major spectral colors, and each color is given its own personality and role. Japanese Shinto is purple among them. Purple is the ray that represents order and propriety.

The purple ray is the one that values order based on faith in God and respect for God. And the standard of conduct for maintaining God’s order is called propriety.

As seen in the words “courtesy” and “moderation,” it means to show respect to God’s near and excellent people, to know one’s place, and not to do anything out of line. The purple ray emphasizes such things.

Believe In God, Give Thanks To God, And Live With God

The term “faith in God” may be dismissed with a laugh in modern Japan, but believing in God and living with Him is the most natural and important thing for us children of God.

Not only in this world, but also in the other world, people live with faith in God on a daily basis, and it is a fundamental thing. Living a life of gratitude to God is really a basic and natural thing.

It is because of the collapse of such a foundation on the ground that people have lost their way, suffered, and society has become distorted. The world today has become a place where things that should be natural for a child of God are not, and the most fundamental things are missing.

I believe that since ancient times, the people of Japan have been living in the midst of nature, and as a part of it, they have been living with gratitude. Mother Nature is a manifestation of God’s will, and in that environment, even though their lives were not filled with things as they are now, they lived happily with gratitude in their simple and frugal lives.

This is not to say that we should go back to those days, but that believing in God, thanking God, and living with God are enough to make a child of God happy, without being driven by possessions or money. There is no need for anything more.

Thoughts Of The Gods Of Japanese Shinto

Faith and gratitude as children of God. That even in a simple and uncomplicated life, we can feel sufficient joy and happiness, and live in humility and cooperation with each other. And, based on God’s order in the world, people close to God should lead the nation by conveying God’s will, and create systems and institutions that represent a society on the ground in accordance with God’s will.

With this in mind, the gods of Japanese Shinto are guiding this country.