The Word “Justice” Does Not Include The Word “Kill Each Other.”


The Heavenly World Guiding The Earth Is One

As we see on the news in many parts of the world, there are ongoing conflicts and battles between people. Some of them are killing each other in the name of “God’s justice,” but the word “killing” is not in the original God’s justice. It is clearly wrong to think that killing is acceptable in the name of God. If we think that God wants us to kill each other, we are obviously making a false assumption.

Those who are killing each other with such thoughts are only judging the other side as “we alone are righteous, we alone are God’s justice.” They are simply taking up arms and being tempted to do so. I don’t think it is love to be righteous and kill people.

Conflicts between different religions, in particular, still contain various sparks, but killing each other for any reason is the exact opposite of love.

There is no one who wants to kill each other, even the gods of each religion. The religious gods are all good friends of the earth’s leaders in heaven, and they never feud or fight each other. They are all people full of love who praise each other’s good points and live by supporting each other.

Just as the sun shining on the Earth is one, the heavenly world guiding the Earth is one, and the God of the Universe is one.

Isn’t it time for us to graduate from our foolish struggles?