You don’t need many things to be happy

How to Live a Happy Life

What we’ve been seeking incessantly

We may have tried to get money, status, and honor in order to be happy.

We may have even been yawning for it.

But does getting those things really make us happy? Does it make us feel the joy of our souls?

Actually, I don’t think so.

We are just under the illusion that if we get those things we will be happy. The truth is that you won’t be happy if you get them.

Some people may say that they won’t understand such things until they experience them for themselves.

But you can see that if you look at the people who have got those things.

Of course, this is not true for everyone, but for many people, the heart is always raging and driven by desire.

True happiness is being yourself in the service of another child of God

That’s not what happiness is about.

True happiness is living honestly in your heart as a child of God and being yourself to help others.

It’s about contributing to those we love.

It is to do what we can do for their happiness without asking for anything in return.

That is the principle of love that God has implanted in us. Love is absolute service.

The fact that you are alive is a sign that you are loved

We love each other and feel happy when we are loved.

But we are already loved. By our family, by our friends, and by God.

The fact that you are alive is proof that you are loved. Being given life is equal to being surrounded by love.

We may be the ones who have lived our lives complaining that love is not given to us, without realizing it.

But that’s not right. We have just overlooked the fact that we have already been loved and not noticed.

Love has been given to us whether we realize it or not. To feel that love.

We don’t need a lot of things to feel love and experience happiness.