The Suffering And Gratitude Of Illness

Life's Troubles

There Are Causes For Illnesses

As long as people live, one of the most difficult things to avoid is illness. There are a variety of illnesses, from the common cold to major illnesses that require hospitalization or surgery, and illness is probably something that is close to everyone’s daily life.

No one can escape the law of cause and effect, which states that everything has a cause and an effect. The same is true for illness. There is always a cause for the disease. Some of them we can recognize by ourselves, while others we may have no idea why we have become ill.

Suffering Of The Soul Phenomena As Disease

Where most sickness comes from is from the suffering of not living the way we should as souls. We are all children of God and beings of light, and if we live in a way that is contrary to the love of God’s children, there will be a gulf between our true nature as children of God and our actual thoughts and actions, and we will suffer deep in our hearts.

Even if your surface consciousness believes that you do not think or do anything wrong, the soul part of you knows what you are doing. In the subconscious mind, the soul knows whether or not it is in love as a child of God.

If we are doing something that is far from our true self as a child of God, it feels like a great suffering to our souls. We see what we are doing to ourselves in the deepest recesses of our hearts.

Disease is atoning for its suffering as the soul by suffering itself, by phenomenalizing that suffering in the body as if it were atonement. It could be said that the soul’s suffering is being purified with the body.

Of course, the illnesses that appear in the physical body are painful, but it is the soul that suffers the most. The gap between the soul’s true nature and one’s own thoughts and actions is the cause of suffering and the cause of illness.

Passing Disease Purifies The Soul

Since human beings are the children of God and the very light that is divided from God, if we have such an original mindset and live honestly with our souls, we will never cause illness, nor will we have the mindset to punish ourselves.

God never punishes human beings, nor does He have any desire to judge anyone. God simply warmly watches over and nurtures everything with a heart of love. It is we ourselves who are judging, and we are judging ourselves. Such self-negative consciousness is reflected in the physical body and manifests itself as a disease.

Of course, we are sometimes born with a plan to get sick in order to reap the karma of our past lives, so the cause of illness is not all about this life alone, but the soul is purified through the physical suffering. In a sense, there is a gratifying aspect to illness in that by becoming ill, the suffering of the soul is cleared and the soul is purified.

Live Honestly In The Heart Of A Child Of God, And You Will Not Suffer From Illness

No one wants to be sick, right? Even if we are just a little bedridden with a fever, we are reminded of how much we appreciate good health.

There is no such thing as sickness in the soul, and there are no hospitals in the afterlife. The soul is a perfect light, and there is no such thing as illness. Even if we allow our own free will to cloud that light, if the stagnation of the soul is cleared through illness, it will shine brightly again as a clean, round soul.

We suffer because we know in the depths of our hearts how we should live as God’s children, but we try to cover it up, pretend we don’t see it, pretend we are unaware of it, and try to cover ourselves up. Live with honesty, love, and kindness in your heart as a child of God. If we live with this in mind, we will no longer suffer from illness.