The Working Of Angels Of Color


Why Are Trendy Colors Created?

There are angels who control beauty in the other world. Among them, there are people called “Angels of Color” who are in charge of each color.

There are various colors such as twelve colors and twenty-four colors in colored pencils, crayons, and paints. Red, blue, green, white, orange, etc. There are angels who have the role of being in charge of each color in an artistic sense.

In the world of fashion, for example, there are Paris and Milan collections every year, and the designs presented there are spread all over the world. It’s not only about design, but also about color. There are colors that become popular that year.

In fashion magazines, each collection is featured, and it is said that blue will be popular that year, pink will be popular, etc. There are colors that become popular at that time. These colors change from time to time.

Why are there such trendy colors? It is because the angels who are in charge of those colors are working on them in the other world. This work is projected onto this world, and the colors that are in fashion appear.

Such color senses and aesthetic senses are put forth by the angels and spread in this world.

This world is a projection of the other world. Behind what appears in this world as phenomena, there is the work and support of unseen beings.