What is “Dimension” part 3

This World and Spiritual World

In the ninth dimension, the element of space is added

I’ve continued a few times on what the dimensions are, but this is the end of the line.

Last time, I touched on the eighth dimension, and this time I”ll be talking about the ninth dimension and beyond.

In the world of the ninth dimension, in addition to the elements up to the eighth dimension, the element of “the universe” comes into play.

The world of the ninth dimension is not just confined to the Earth, even on this planet, where worlds of many dimensions are developing.

It is the nine dimensions that are also connected to the other stars in the universe.

The world of the universe, where the leaders of the Earth exist, is the ninth dimension.It is the world of the saviors in the major religions of the world, the root of the law.

The tenth dimension is the creation of the planet and the nurturing of life

In the tenth dimension, in addition to the ninth dimensional universe, the “creation” and “life-giving” element of the planet comes in.

In this tenth dimension and beyond, we no longer have a physical body as human beings.

It is the consciousness that dwells within the planet, and the main theme will be the creation of the planet and the nurturing of the life that exists there.

The eleventh dimension is an infinite challenge as a stellar

In addition, in the eleventh dimension, as a stellar consciousness, we will be sending out the light, the source of life, in an infinite number of ways.

It is the very image of the sun.

It is a solar system, as it is called, creating a family of several planets and giving them light and divine energy.

It is a world that sends out an explosion of energy with the theme of “infinite challenge”.

The twelve dimensions are galactic consciousness, and the root God of the universe is the twentieth dimension

Furthermore, the twelve-dimensional world will become a galactic consciousness that contains tens or hundreds of thousands of stellar consciousnesses like the sun.

And beyond that, it is said that the root god of the great universe is a being of the 20th dimension. There is no doubt that there is a greater world beyond that which we cannot recognize.

In this way, the universe is a multidimensional world that unfolds in many dimensions.