The Past Lives, This Life, and Next Life

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The Past Lives, This Life, and Next Life

In “Creating the Value of Life” written by Fumihiko Iida, he introduces the words of Dr. Joel L. Whitton, who is Chair of the Psychology Department of the Medical School of the University of Toronto.

He says that he sees no particular problem in accepting the evidence for reincarnation as theoretically true now that we have a very strong, though mostly circumstantial, body of evidence.

He also says that we have lived in previous lives and will probably live again in the next, and that this life is only a small part of an eternal chain.

Even though there are plenty of incarnations of us in the past, we cannot remember or recall any of them.

Why is that?

Because all those memories are erased once we are born. Life starts with a blank slate.

I think that remembering the memories of past lives has more disadvantages than advantages as a soul practice.

Of course, when we die and return to the other world, we will remember everything, including our past lives.

However, if we realize while we are still alive that we are not alone in this life, our way of life will change dramatically. If one’s way of life changes, there is no doubt that one can become happier.