Realizing A Utopia On The Ground

This World and Spiritual World

The Purpose Of Being Born On This World

One of the purposes for which we are born on the ground is to practice our souls. But there is another purpose as well. It is to make this world a “utopia.”

Utopia is an ideal society that originally appeared in a book written by Thomas More. It is said to be an ideal society that does not actually exist, as opposed to the real society that exists in this world.

However, this does not mean that utopia does not exist. It is a world that actually exists, and where it exists is in the other world.

Utopia Actually Exists In The Higher Dimensional World Of The Other World

Utopia actually exists in the higher dimensional world of the other world. It is a world where people’s hearts are in harmony and they love and respect each other.There is no hatred, strife, or distrust among people, and they live in harmony, praising each other’s individuality, encouraging each other, and cooperating with each other. There are people who are always striving to improve themselves, who are always thinking about how they can lead people to happiness, and who are living for God by making God’s will their own heart above all else. In a word, it is a world filled with love, kindness, and trust.

It means to be harmonized in such a way that an ideal world can be realized on in this world. The purpose of being born into this world is not only for individual soul training, but also to create such a world. It means to reflect the world that already exists in the heavenly realm in this world, and to realize a world where we can live happily as children of God in the three dimension world.

The Harmony Of Each Individual’s Heart Creates Utopia

How such a very harmonious world in the higher dimensions of the other world is created is because the hearts of the people there are very harmonious.

It is not that they have arranged things outside of themselves to create a well-balanced world and set up a system, but that the hearts of the people there are full of love and happiness, and this is reflected in the outside of their hearts, resulting in a very harmonious world.

In other words, the starting point is each individual’s heart. Utopia is something that is in each individual’s heart, and it is reflected outwardly and appears according to the degree of harmony in the heart of the child of God.

If each person’s heart is not filled with love, the world and society that emerges will never be a utopia. The world will become a utopia when the hearts of people are full of love and in harmony, and when ideal societies, nations, and systems based on the will of God are realized and realized on this world.

Creating A World Where Many Of God’s Children Can Live Happily

The reason why we are born again and again here on the ground while repeating the cycle of reincarnation is, of course, to work on our individual soul issues, to learn what love is, and to practice it throughout our lives, but it is also to make the ground a utopia.

By creating such a wonderful world on the ground, many of God’s children will be able to live happily as they are, and many people who will be born there will also be encouraged to evolve further as souls, using the ground as a connection.

Being born in this world is not only for oneself, but also for the purpose of creating a utopia.