Discovering the Law of the Universe

Divine Truth

The water goes down low

This universal law that pervades the macrocosm is called “Law”. It is also called “Divine Principle” and is determined by the God of the universe.

What is the law?

The Chinese characters are made to resemble nature. In Japanese, the kanji for “law” means that water will pass away.Water flows towards a lower place. And it doesn’t stay in one place. It is the reason of nature, and it is in one order. If water were to flow from a low place to a high place, then the order would be disrupted.

The law is the right order, reason and principle, and law, as symbolized by the flow of water down to the lower places.

Humans live in the natural order of things

We humans are also part of nature and live within the laws of nature. If we live apart from it, we will suffer due to its reaction.

For example, if we create all sorts of attachments in our minds, and if we have a lot of envy, complaining, anger, etc., it will cause us to suffer.

When the water stops flowing and stays in one place, it becomes stagnant and unclean. Water is clear because it is flowing down low, and our minds are the same way. If we don’t have any attachment to the mind and live a pure life, there will be no suffering in it.

Order is a cycle, a harmony

Order, to put it another way, is a cycle or harmony. The universe circulates and harmonizes with the love of God.

For example, water, after flowing down to the lower levels, part of it evaporates and becomes a gas. Then it becomes clouds and rains on the ground, and flows back down again.

By circulating in this way, order is created and harmony is maintained. When you emit vibrations that are contrary to that order and harmony, they will bounce back to you.