Possessiveness That People Can’t Get Rid Of -What “The Lord of the Rings” Shows Us-

Practice of Love

“The Lord of the Rings”

On New Year’s Day, I watched the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. As many of you may know, it is the story of a young hobbit named Frodo and his friends and their adventures and battles over the One Ring.

The ring, also known as the Ring of Power, was created by the Dark Lord Sauron to destroy the world. The ring contains Sauron’s evil thoughts, and Frodo and his friends set out on a journey to get rid of the ring, but various pursuers appear to take it away, and a fierce battle ensues.

The story is so compelling that I watched the entire trilogy in one sitting.

How Difficult It Is To Let Go Of Possessiveness And Attachment

This is just my personal impression, but what I thought the most was how difficult it is for people to give up their possessiveness and obsession.

The One Ring is a symbol of evil, but in a sense, it is the only precious thing in the world, and the desire to possess it as one’s own. Even Frodo, the main character, feels the desire to possess the ring, and at the end of the story, it is revealed that he cannot throw it away.

The character of Gollum was also possessed by the magic of the ring and became obsessed with the ring, wanting to keep it for himself, and in the end, his obsession led to his own demise. As a result, Gollum’s obsession also led to the destruction of the ring.

I’ve seen “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy as well as “The Hobbit” trilogy, and both of them made me realize that people can’t give up their possessiveness, monopoly, and obsession so easily, and once they own something, they want to possess it and protect it.

What Is Lacking In Possessiveness Is The Love Of Sharing

The desire for possession is ultimately an egoistic thought, a thought that is only good for oneself. What it lacks is the thought of sharing and love. When we forget love, the desire for possession swells up in our hearts.

Human beings are originally created to feel happy when they live for the sake of others, so if we lose sight of love and live only for ourselves, we will drift further and further away from the original figure of a child of God. What will happen then? It just gets more and more painful. You think, “I can be happy now,” but on the contrary, the suffering becomes greater and greater. This is because you are moving in a direction that is far from your true self as a child of God.

It is not so difficult for people to be happy. Live for the happiness of others with love, don’t monopolize, and if you have a lot of things or valuable things, share them with others. If you live like this, you will be happy enough.

You don’t have them for your honor, reputation, or value, you don’t have them to be superior to others, and you don’t have them to be monopolized so that you can be happy. The more you have them, the more you fight to protect them or take them away, and the more you destroy peace and harmony.

Living With The Thought Of Love Is The Most Precious

In our modern world, it could be said to be money or energy resources, for example. People, countries, and regions that have a lot of these resources monopolize them, so they fight over them. The truth is that we just need to share. If there is a place on the Earth that needs it, why not just share it with them?

The most important thing is to live with that kind of love in our hearts. It was the New Year’s Day of 2022, and I wanted to convey as much as I could this year so that the value that this is the most precious for us children of God will take root among people.